my teaching experience . . .


 I’m a professional pianist/keyboard player based in Barnet. I have been teaching for 20 years in schools that are have very highly-regarded music departments (Purcell School, Latymer, Bedales, Queen Elizabeth’s, St Marylebones, York Minster).  I have always managed to inspire my students no matter what level they are at. I have had advanced students and also total beginners from ages 6 to 70 so far.



piano tuition . . . 

'Jazz' to me incorporates many styles, old and new from early swing through Latin to Gospel, Hip Hop/R n B. It simply gives you the tools and insight into learning how chords work together and how to structure a piece, learned or improvised. 
 I enjoy teaching any aspect of improvised or 'modern' music.




 I can teach you to 'pick tunes out by ear' and understand how the music works (harmony, structure)


  Do you already play but wish to improve jazz/pop/blues knowledge?  I teach jazz harmony helping you to get those juicy sounding chords and hit a few more 'right ??' notes


 I have a wide range of free resources to help you on your journey (charts, audio, backing-tracks) 


 Synth/Keyboards Programming: Let me show you how to use your keyboard to its full potential. I have here Kawai MP11, Nord Stage 3, Arp Odyssey, NI S61 and Jam, Korg Prophecy, Roland Juno60, Roland MKS80+MPG80, Roland VR -09


    If you are interested I can help with Music Technology, Production, Synth-programming and using music software such as Logic , Mainstage and Sibelius on Mac or Cubase and Sibelius on PC.  


•  I can introduce you to Konokol Indian system of developing your rhythm. Powerful and fun!  "Takita Takita Takita Takadimi!"




Rates are based on QEBoys school rate £36 per hour lesson


I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting started  Adam  (07886) 563475

Adam Day


Keyboards . Piano



'Classical' Learn to play from notated music and to understand the music and how to play it stylistically whilst expressing yourself in your performance. Develop a good piano technique with full use of arm-weight into the keys allowing richer tone and more relaxed arms and shoulders. By all means take ABRSM grade exams. My pupils get good grades and we're always aiming for distinctions. There are also many modern 'classical' composers writing for piano like Einaudi and