TSW . . .


  is an original project that I created with Chris Cobbett. We’ve got an album of tunes which were born in my studio. The tracks are expressive and filmic in nature with big beats and massive backing tracks. At Live gigs Chris sang and I played FAT synth bass using my fave MKS80 triggered by an old Prophecy that I drilled some holes in and stuck on a bass strap.


It was a really excellent experience after I created the music track for Chris to just freestyle the vocal melodies and lyrics. Often we’d keep the first take or occasionally have to sift through it like scuba-diving through soup, knowing that the lyrics were all there but just not clear enough. After guessing away together at the incoherent mumbles that Chris had performed, miraculously the lyrics hung together and made sense! Never experienced that before. By the way Chris could also (and often did) ‘mend’ lightbulbs at will much to everyone’s surprise.  


We don’t know where our tunes are going when they develop. It’s like they already exists and we coax them into showing their faces. We let them develop in their own way. Anything can happen and it usually does. We like to create everything from scratch and have only every used two samples.

studio tracks

TSW. . . 



TSW studio tracks ...



Funkyhole (TSW)

Hurricane (TSW)

Green Dollar Girl (TSW)

Dirty Baby (TSW)

Icecream (TSW)

Adam Day


Keyboards . Piano